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Our holistic approach to Technology has let us reach well beyond
the potential of our own intellectual property

  • Technology We Work

Technology We Adopt

We explore different technologies and below are some of our foot prints


We are working with IOT products and service hence we adopt IOT frameworks and patterns to build intelligent solution for our customers. We bring the power of IOT in various domain namely vehicle management, asserts monitoring, factory monitoring etc. We believe that IOT bridges the gap between product development and product servicing. Our IOT approach plays a major role in improving equipment operations with assets performance management.


We collect millions of data every 24hrs through our IOT platform, hence to manage huge amount of data we use big data platforms and services. We have also developed our in-house data ware housing methods and techniques to manage huge amount of data. We collect these data and run our analytical models on these data. We specialize in data warehousing, data analytics, data science and data mining algorithms. We have a holistic approach on big data.


Most of our solution are deployed and maintained in cloud servers. We adopt different cloud solutions and partnered with different cloud partners to build products. We have adopted and used different cloud platforms raging from VPS to bare-metals. We have our research on Docker and OSI Containers to build seamless products which avoids any down time. We use different programming languages such as Java, Python, Php, etc., to build world class products.


We believe that AI will transform IT and reshape one's business. Since we collect and manage huge amount of data we think our AI approach will bring new meaning to our products. We have our research in AI to provide valuable insights to our customer. An example approach would be in fuel data management with real time notification and alerts. We are also building other AI model like driver behaviour monitoring, vehicle performance tracing, machine sensor monitoring.


We think that technology is advancing at a rapid pace bringing with it machine learning techniques, by adopting such technology we can acquire valuable insights and solutions from them. At RMADE Technologies we believe that combining the power of AI and ML will provide true business values to our customer. Our IOT approach combined with machine learning algorithms can leverage huge amount of revenue in business. Our ML adoption mentors the data science and data audit algorithms.


While building enterprise grade applications, we believe that adopting latest frameworks is a wise choice. We use Angular JS framework for building web apps that provide better experience to users. We believe that JS (Java Script) frameworks and techniques provides better perspective in architecting an application. We adopt the latest angular JS for web and mobile app development. At RMADE Technologies we always look for scalability hence we chose the latest frameworks.