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About Us

We Lead, Innovate, create and transform to improve
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About RMADE Technologies

RMADE is abbreviated as Research Of Mechanical and Developing Engineers, established in 2014 to develop engineers, build innovative products and services, to focus on customer satisfaction and needs, to boost research & development in technologies and finally to involve in boosting the country’s GDP growth.

We are experienced specialists in the field of Information and Operational Technology. Our strategy is focused on continuous development and improvement of our products to meet the ever growing customer needs.

We are privatized as RMADE Technologies Pvt. Ltd. under the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs - Government of India and moreover we are extending our hands all over INDIA.



Our Leaders are seasoned in innovation and packed with enthusiasm
which makes them to cover various streams of our services


M. Prakash

(Founder & CEO)


P. Sathish



M. Jagadish



Our Strength

Our dedicated team members are the force behind everything we do, we believe that all our employees can achieve something amazing in their careers and we hope they can do it in every single day. This force lets us to do innovative products and to provide the right business solutions. Also we think that product development is a continuous perseverance for excellence. We stand that our ideas and innovations are unquenchable.

Research & Innovation

In today's business environment and competition, companies need to continually re-invent and evolve themselves to new technologies and strategies. At RMADE Technologies we take this approach to next level, we provide DIY campaign to our employees for building better products or services. We use proven R&D patterns and strategies in order to provide expert guidance to our employees.

RMADE Technologies spends or invests 15% of its profit for Research and Development department that focuses on product development and techno innovation.



Customer Approach

At RMADE Technologies we believe that customer centricity is the heart of the enterprise. Most of our products are driven by the needs of our customers. We constantly focus on customer expectations which evolves our products and services.

We always want to improve our customer’s business operation efficiency to be doubled and tripled by using our products and services. During our product development we always encourage our developers to design and build only on the basics of customer focus and usage.